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Consider our 12 point tried and tested guide to successful moving:

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Who Will Move You?

If you are arranging a removal company obtain quotations well in advance if possible.

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Prepare for Your New Home

Start getting rid of those unwanted possessions you no longer need. Decide which items can be taken to a Charity Shop, sold at a Car Boot Sale, or offered to your friends and family.

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Sketch a Plan

Start considering where your current furniture and items will fit your new home.

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Mark Each Box

Colour code and personalise each removal box. This way, you will ensure that your possessions arrive at the right place in your new home.

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Use Your Luggage

Pack a change of clothes for every member of your family. Following your move, you may not get time to unpack everything immediately.

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Safeguard Valuable Items

Keep all your valuable items separately. Do not let them become part of your removal process without safeguarding them first.

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Write a List of Utilities

Make a list of all your utility companies informing them of the dis-connection and re-connection dates, with all details of your forwarding address to be provided.

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Pack Ahead

Ensure that you have organised your belongings into carefully packed boxes ahead of your removal company.

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Keep Important Papers Together

Make sure that all your legal and financial documentation is with you at all times. Also ensure that all information relating to your move from estate agents correspondence through to utility company documentation is retained separately.

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Change of Address

Make a list of all those important change of address details including those for direct debits and standing orders.

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List All Telephone Numbers Together

Keep a concise list of all your important telephone numbers for your estate agent and solicitor through to your bank or building society.

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Consolidate Cleaning Supplies

Always keep a separate container of cleaning supplies. No doubt you will leave your existing property in the highest order. You can always use the same supplies for your new home on moving.

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